Form Submit Section (Registration)

The last section to personalize in your Registration form that is visible on the survey is the Form Submit section. The main function of the Form Submit section is the SUBMIT button.

Form. Submit

Section Heading

By default on a Registration form the Section Heading is left blank. This way the flow of the form goes right from the last entry of the survey, whether it is the number of guest or contact information directly to the button to submit the answers.

If you want to separate the button further you can include a header of some sort.

Button Text

You have 14 characters to create the button to submit the details of the form. If the default "Submit" is too generic for you, you can change it to fit the theme of your Activity or just make it more personal.

Enable Re-Captcha

This is used for additional fraud protection.  Re-Captcha includes the "I am not a Robot" box on the form. The donor would need to click on the box to get a green checkmark before it would allow them to Submit the form. 


CAPTCHA validation has been activated on GiveSmart Fundraise forms for all clients to enhance security for you and your donors. CAPTCHA protects donors by adding a challenge-response authentication step in the donation process.

Confirm before submitting

This is also used for additional fraud protection. When the supporter clicks the Submit button, it will pop up a message to confirm if they want to complete this transaction. For a real person, this can just be a nice "last chance" message to make sure they have everything correct before submitting their answers, but for the automatic bots used to spam or commit fraud, this pop up can break their routines.

Non-Payment Confirm Before Submitting Window