Copying Form Elements

You've made this detailed Text element on one of your forms with special colors, formatting, links, pictures, etc. or you have some other special element that you want on a different form. You can copy that element directly to the other form with the Copy Element command.

Note: If you need to move an element within the current form, then you would want to use the Move Element command.
Note: This copies the element only. If you want this element in its own special section within the new form, then you will need to create a new section first, before you copy the element, as outlined here. Otherwise, if you wish to copy several elements and sections at once, you may consider copying the entire form as outlined here.

Copy an Element

  • From the form design page (Online Forms) within your activity, find the element you wish to copy.
  • Click on the Copy Element icon to the right of the element.
    Copy Element Button
  • Choose the Destination Form you wish to copy this element to.
    • Once you've selected the form, it will scan that form for its sections and provide you the sections where you can place the copied element.
  • Select the Destination Section within that form.
    Copy Element Choices
  • Click Save.
  • You should be presented with a Success screen that you can either close by clicking Done or clicking the link to view or edit the destination form.
    Copy Element Success

If you attempt to copy the element into the existing form OR any form where it already exists, when you try to save, it will give you a warning message that the Custom Field already exists in the form and it will not copy it.

Copy Element Fail