Landing Page - Add Recorded or Livestream Videos

You're planning a virtual event, a Day of Giving or some other situation where you will livestream the occasion, or you just want to include a great video to your Landing Page, live or recorded.

By adding a new section to your Landing Page, you can embed YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook videos, including their livestream options simply by adding the public link.

Go to your Landing Page. If you haven't created your Landing Page yet, make sure you read through the Event Landing Page material here and the Campaign Landing Page material here.

Add a Custom Section

Click the Add Section button in the upper right of your Landing Page designer and choose Custom.

Add Section Menu

You will need to name the section, and then you can initially place it in the order you desire. If you want to more it to a different part of the page, you can do so later as described here.

Add Custom Section

Once saved, you will have an empty section that you can now add the video.

Custom Section Start

Custom Section Design

Add Video Elements and Format Section

  1. Hide or Edit the Title, since it starts with "Title goes here."
  2. Click on Add Element to add a new item to the Section
    Add Element
  3. To add the video, choose Video.

    Edit Video
  4. Give the element a Reporting Label. This is not shown on the Landing Page.
  5. Paste in a YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook normal link into the Video Link section
  6. Click Save
  7. You may want to add additional elements to let supporters know when you will be live, a Donate button, etc.

Your video section is now ready for your Landing Page.

Video Example

For design, you may want to hide the section or the video element within the section until you near when you go live, or have a different video there as desired to make the most of your Landing Page.

Link Formats

Note: You need to use a "standard" link from YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook. The system does not use posts or embed links you can generate in the different platforms.

You can use shortened links from the parent sites, though, such as


YouTube links, whether live or recorded uses the same format, such as or the short link of

Do not use something like the embed code. You just need the basic link.

For more information from YouTube's support on scheduling and livestreaming YouTube videos, click here.


Use the Copy video ink, not the Copy embed code.

Vimeo Link

The correct Vimeo links usually are just a number, like this:

If you have a link like this where is shows, then it will not work.

For more information from Vimeo's support on scheduling and livestreaming Vimeo videos, click here.


Facebook requires the video page, not the post page. If the format is[org handle]/posts/[number] then it will NOT work. The video section in the Landing page cannot pull out the video from a post. Instead you need to have the actual video page, whose format looks like:[org handle]/videos/[number]

You can usually get this link by clicking on the date of the post. The video will open into a new page with the correct link.

You can also get the link to the livestream by copying the number from the Live Producer:[video link in number format]

and put it at the end of a video style link:[org handle]/videos/[video link in number format]

But because of the manual process to do this, it is only recommended by those very familiar with working with URLs. It is easier and safer to just copy and paste the livestream link into your Landing Page when it is actually live.
Warning: Facebook Live video links can only be embedded and viewed in the Landing Page once they are actually live. Before that, they will not work and give either a Loading Video screen a Video Unavailable screen. Either of which will likely turn away your supporters.

FB Loading VideoFB Video Unavailable

Until your Facebook broadcast is actually live, it is recommended to have an image or text letting people know to refresh the page when the appointed time is available, at which time you can correctly show the video.

Start with a placeholder image or a previously saved video letting people know that the livestream is coming.

Add that element to your Video section and add an element for the video element when you do go live. Hide this element.

Then when it is time to start your livestream, Hide the placeholder and Show the livestream.

FB Show Hide Example

For more information from Facebook's support on scheduling and livestreaming Facebook videos, click here.