How can people subscribe to receive text messages?

There are three ways people can subscribe to receive text messages from your tax-exempt organization and you can build your lists of mobile subscribers. Each of these subscription methods is TCPA compliant.

  1. You can subscribe them by uploading a list of supporters. To learn how to upload a list, click here.
    • When you send your first message to an uploaded list, the TCPA compliance message will be sent first.
      Uploaded Alert - Verify Mobile Numbers
  2. Supporters can subscribe using a subscription widget on your website. To learn how to set up a subscription form, click here.
    Subscription Widget - Horizontal Example
  3. Supporters can text one of your keywords. Using any of your keywords will capture a supporter's number to a list. To learn how to specifically set up an SMS Subscription keyword (shortcode 51555), click here.
    51555 phone

Note: For-profit companies must have "expressed written content" to upload lists of mobile numbers.