What happens if one of my donors text the wrong keyword?

If your donor accidentally texts a wrong keyword they will most likely receive an "Invalid Keyword" message.

If your donor accidentally texts a wrong keyword that is registered to another nonprofit organization they will receive the other organization's "thank you" reply message and donation page link. This is why it's so crucial that you create keywords that are easy to remember and unlikely to be auto-corrected. It's also crucial that the instructions you give supporters are crystal clear.

If your donor continues to have issues texting your keyword you can enter their mobile number into the Give Later form which will automatically send them a text message with a link to make a donation. For more information on the Give Later form, click here.

Still having problems? 

A member of your staff can send a personal text with the link to the donation form to the donor. The shareable link is found on the side menu of the active keyword associated with your campaign.