What is Give Later?

Give Later is the equivalent of texting a pledge to donate when you do not have your mobile device available. You can enter your name, mobile number, and pledge amount in the Give Later form and you will receive the fulfillment reminders, just as if you had texted in your pledge.

Give Later must be embedded on a webpage to function.


There is overlap on usage between Give Later and Offline Donations, but Give Later has other uses as it can be public facing:

  • As a participant, if you are registered in a Run/Walk event, don't have your phone on you at the event, but still want to be reminded to donate, you can use Give Later from a volunteer with the Give Later form open on their device.
  • As a supporter, you don't have time to enter a donation while browsing the organization's webpage, so you can send yourself a text reminder to donate from the Give Later button or form.
  • As a volunteer at a pledge drive or telethon, when you call out to potential donors who would like to donate but "can't talk right now," you can get permission to send them a text with reminders using the Give Later form.

You will need to embed the Give Later form on your webpage as described here.

If you don't wish to dedicate the space for the form, you can also add the Give Later button on your webpage. When supporters click on it, the form will appear for them to fill.