Dynamic Actions

Dynamic Actions enable conditional logic to GiveSmart Fundraise forms, providing you many more options when setting them up. Dynamic Actions show fields or elements based on the user's selections. This gives you greater power to build forms that reveal additional data and information that are only needed if the user completes a previous field to trigger it.

GiveSmart Fundraise supports conditional fields; fields that are hidden from the user’s view by default. Once triggered by a selected answer, the conditional field is then visible on the form. With this functionality, you can build in virtually any conditional option relying on your supporters' choices.

With this functionality, you can build in virtually any conditional option relying on your supporters' choices.

Dynamic Action Socks Example

Dynamic actions are created by using one of the elements that allow a choice, then adding all the elements. Then choose which elements will appear with one of the dynamic action choices.

The types of elements that can activate a dynamic action include:

These are indicated by the action items to the right of the element after you have saved it into your form:

Dynamic Actions

Creating a Dynamic Action

Add a separate Section if desired. Otherwise, open the section within your form where you want to place the form elements. For more information on adding sections, click here.

Add the appropriate Form Element. For more information on Form Elements, click here.

Dynamic Select Element

Dymanic Check Setup

Add the Form Elements that will only appear when the choice from the Dynamic action is selected.

Dynamic Elements Ready

When you have everything ready, all the elements will initially be visible on your form. Now it is time to Show/Hide specific elements with Dynamic Actions in the main element (in this example, the Checkbox).

Dynamic Pre

Click on the Dynamic Action icon in the element with the choice.

Dynamic Actions

Dynamic Action - Base Checkbox

It will show the Reporting Label as the variable. Click on the Select Value pulldown and choose the option you want. For example, Checked.

Dynamic Action - Select Value Checkbox

Select which elements to be visible only if that value is true. For example, show the Honoree's name and email only when the Honor Checkbox is checked.

Dynamic Action - Select Elements Checkbox

If you want to have different elements show for different choices (values), you can click Add new value. If the Dynamic Element has multiple choices, you can add up to those number of choices.

If you need to start over, you can click Reset Action.

When everything is ready, click Save.

The elements that are included in a Dynamic Action will now be noted in your form design.

Dynamic Element Indicators

Your form will now hide those elements until the conditions of the dynamic element are matched.

Dynamic Not SelectedDynamic Selected

For a more complete example design of using the checkbox dynamic action, click here.

For an example design of using the Drop-down dynamic action, click here.