How do I refund a donation?

If a donor accidentally clicks the donation button twice or types in the wrong amount, refunds are possible by logging into your Merchant Center. You will receive funds direct deposited into your Merchant Account, and you have full control of the voiding or refunding of transactions themselves through it.

If you need to refund or void a donation that was made to your organization, you can do so at any time in the Reporting section of the Merchant Center. While refunds can be initiated for an extended period of time after the donation was made, a transaction can only be voided while it is still in a pending status, typically 24-48 hours.

The login page for the Merchant Center can be accessed at

Voiding a donation will cancel the transaction entirely, as if it was never made. The information will disappear from the donor's credit card statement, although there will be a record of the voided transaction visible in the Merchant Center report.

Refunding a donation will issue a credit back to the donor's credit card for the amount of the initial charge. Refunds usually take 24-48 hours to process.

From the dashboard, click on the Reporting tab.

Administration Nav Reporting

In the list of transactions, click on the one for which you would like to issue a refund or void.


On the Transaction Detail page, you will see near the top a button to issue a Refund the donation, and if the transaction is still pending, there will be a Void button to void the charge.

Refund and Void

Once you have refunded a transaction, you will be able to see it as a negative charge at the top of your reporting page. It will be listed as a pending transaction until it has settled with the bank and the credit has been issued to the cardholder.

Voided transactions will retain all of their previous information, with the amount simply changing to $0.00.

Using GiveSmart Fundraise Remittance Checks

Please note that this form of remittance is no longer available for newer GiveSmart Fundraise accounts. This material is being maintained for legacy accounts.

New GiveSmart Fundraise accounts must have some form of merchant services in place to take donations through GiveSmart Fundraise forms.

Refunds are possible by creating a support ticket with the:

  1. Phone number of the donor
  2. Date of the transaction
  3. Name of the organization

Organizations will never be asked to directly return donations and occur for less than 1% of donations.

A GiveSmart Fundraise representative is necessary for all refunds to ensure that a refunded donation does not come from a time period which has already been paid to the organization. If a refund from a past paid remittance check is necessary, all adjustments will come from future remitted funds or paid to GiveSmart Fundraise by the organization.