Embedding a Form into a website

Forms created within your Activities can be embedded into a website so that the URL indicates that the supporter is still within your website. It does this using the iFrame HTML functionality.

Embedding refers to the practice of having one web page being opened while in (embedded in) another webpage. This gives the impression that the embedded webpage is not a completely separate page, but just a component of the other webpage. The URL of the embedded page does not appear, so the experience for your supporter is that they do not leave your site.

While this process should be relatively easy to do, if this is too complex for you, you can simply use the links found in the Display Links section of the Activity.

Note: It is highly recommended that you use a secure webpage (SSL or https://) for your donation form. If you put the donation form on an insecure site, your supporters may suspect that it is not a legitimate page or the browser may block access to filling out the form. While the form page itself IS secure, embedding it in an insecure page will make it appear to be insecure.

Talk with your webmaster about getting SSL on your webpage.

If you cannot get SSL or while it is in the works, it is recommended to simply link out to your GiveSmart Fundraise form instead of embedding it.

Embedding a Form

When you design the form within your Activity, the last section is the Embed Code. Open this section to find the Form Embed code.

Copy and Paste the embed code (starting with "<iframe ") into the HTML of a page on your website. The code is designed for a typical design for an embedded page, so you should be able to just paste it into the page.

If you have a web designer, who understands the functionality of the iframe, they can adjust the width, height, and overflow to change the experience of the embedded form.

Example WordPress HTML editor

Wordpress New Page

Embed a different donation page: You can replace the src= link in the code to embed any donation page from your GiveSmart Fundraise account.

NoteEvery website is a little different. You will want to work with your webmaster to correct any spacing issues on the page of the embedded donation form.