Copying Forms

You've created a form with special graphics, unique form elements, specific settings that you now want to use for a different activity, such as from one year's event to another. All you need to do is copy the form into a new, already created activity.

To copy a form, you must have a "place" to copy it into, so you need to create the new activity before you copy the form into it. The copy form function does not create a new activity for you. For more information on creating an activity, click here.
Note: If you just need to copy one element from one form to another, you can use the Copy Element command as outlined here.

Copying a Form

Select a Campaign, and choose an Activity Form.  Then Select Online Forms to see the list of all forms in this activity. 

Select Online Forms

On the top, you will see the various forms you have available in this activity. Find the desired one to copy and open the Actions menu on the right.

Select Copy Form

Copy Form Menu

  • Give your new form a new name so it is easier to find in reporting.
  • If you want the form to be in a new campaign select the campaign from the drop down list.
  • Select the Destination Keyword/Activity to copy the Form to.
  • Click Save.
Note: By selecting the campaign, the keywords will be filtered to only show those keywords within the campaign, so if you have a large number of forms/keywords, then selecting the campaign will make finding the keyword easier. This functionality is throughout GiveSmart Fundraise.

You should be presented with a Success window that you can then click Done to close the window or click the link to go to your new form to make any adjustments needed for its home in the new activity.

Successful Copy

Note: Because this will be an additional form within the new activity, you will need to set it as the default form, if you want to use the keyword and main link for that new activity.

Making the copied form the Default form

Only one form in an activity can be the default form, meaning this is the form that the keyword will resolve to, this is the form that the links under Display Links will resolve to, so you will want your main form, such as the copied form, to be the default.

Open the Action menu to the copied form and select Edit Form.

Edit Form

  • Here you can rename the form if you like.
  • To make it the Default form, use the drop-down menu and select Yes.
  • Click Save.

Default Form

Your newly copied form should now show as the default form.

Verified Default Form

For safety, you will want to make sure the new form is also set as the default form for keyword use by checking for it in Mobile Experience.

Click on Mobile Experience on the left.

Select the correct form at the top, if it isn't the selected one. For more information on the Mobile Experience, click here.

You can also archive the old form if you desire, as outlined here.