How can a fundraiser log into their fundraising page?

Often, your fundraisers may want to make changes to their Fundraising page. Maybe they want to change the picture or the wording of their text or join a team.

There are two ways they can do this:

You will want to encourage your fundraisers to save the email:

From: [Your Organization Name]
Subject: Your Fundraising Page is Ready


The easiest way for them to edit their page is to click on the grey button to Edit My Page from the email they received when they signed up. This method recognizes their email and doesn't require a password to go to the editor.

Crowdfunding Email

If they have lost this email, you can resend it to them as explained here.

If your fundraiser has lost their email and you are not in a position to resend it to them, then they can go to and click on the Login button in the upper right. GiveSmart Login

They will be taken to the same page that you would go to log into your GiveSmart Fundraise account.

Very likely, unless your fundraiser specifically set the password, they will need to click on Forgot Your Password?Forgot Your Password 1

Then they will need to enter their email address and click Send to get a link through email to reset the password.

Forgot Your Password 2

Once they reset their password, they should be able to log in and edit the fundraiser page.