Using the Merchant Center

The Merchant Center is the name of the reporting module that is linked to your merchant account. You can use the merchant center to access transaction/deposit reporting, order credit card swipers, and process refunds/voids.

Access the Merchant Center here:

If you are looking to set up your Merchant Center account, click here.

Below, we take you through some of the most common functions for your Merchant account. For more detailed information and additional things you can do, check out the Card Connect Support site, here.

Things you can do in your Merchant Center:

  • Create additional user logins
  • Process Refunds or Voids Transactions
  • View your credit card processing fees
  • Set up email notifications for deposits and other account activity
  • Review Chargebacks

Create additional user logins:

There is no limit to the number of user logins you can create for the Merchant Center, so you can create a login for anybody who will need to have access to the portal.

To add a new user:

Click on the Administration tab.

Administration Nav

From the Admin page, click on Users.

Administration Users Nav

Click on the New User button, and on the next page you will be asked to fill in the fields to set up the info for the user you are creating.

Administration Users New User

Enter the first name, last name, and the email that should be set up as the login username. Make sure to select the correct time zone, and for User Type, select Admin if they should have all site permissions, or you can manually select which permissions they have under the Standard option.

When you are done, scroll to the bottom and click Save.

New User

Process Refunds or Void Transactions

Full refunds and voids are possible within the GiveSmart Fundraise module,  or partial refunds can be issued through the Merchant Center.  For the process and more information, click here.

View your credit card processing fees:

You will be able to download a statement of your account activity for the previous month's transactions and funding events from the Merchant Center.

The statement will populate in your account 1-2 days after processing fees have been charged.

After logging in, click the Reporting tab.

Administration Nav Reporting

Click the Statements tab on the right.

Reporting Statements

Statements will be generated for each month's payment period, and you can click on the button under the Date column to download each statement as a PDF.

Statement Page

Statement PDF

Set up email notifications for deposits and other account activity:

You can set up email notifications for a variety of different account activities in your Merchant Center, including funding events to your bank, availability of statements, and transaction details such as chargebacks or refunds.

After logging in to your Merchant Center, click the Administration tab.

Administration Nav

Click on the Users tab, and select the user login you would like to edit.

Select User

Click the Email Notifications tab.

Email Notification

Choose the account activity for which you would like to receive email notifications.

Three commonly useful selections:

  1. Funding Summary - Receive a notification when deposits or withdrawals have been made to your bank account.
  2. Statement - Receive a notification when your monthly statement is available for download in the Merchant Center.
  3. Chargeback - Receive a notification for any Chargeback events.

Email Choices

Review Chargebacks

We suggest reviewing the Chargebacks section on a regular basis, and/or setting up the email notifications to be received any time a charge back is issued to your merchant account.


To resolve chargebacks, the you will need to call 800-672-5007 to speak with a representative to further assist on the necessary steps to take to resolve the chargeback.

They may ask you to provide your Merchant ID (MID) which can be found by going to the Administration tab then on the Descriptors tab go to Locations.