Long-form Text Messages

With the Enhanced Text Message Package, you can send longer text messages to your supporters. Instead of being limited to 134 characters for a normal text, you can now send up to 280 characters!

Note: The Enhanced Text Messaging capabilities are part of our Advanced package. For more about this package and to upgrade, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

As you type out your text message, you will notice in the lower right of the message box, your character count starts at 280 characters instead of 134. Now you have more room to say what you want. 

Technical Info

The Long-Form Text Message still uses standard SMS texting capabilities. What this means is that it is actually sending two SMS messages together if it is longer than the normal single message length (134 characters or less).

There is a way, in the vast majority of modern cell phones to "stitch" two or more texts together so that it appears as a single message to the recipient, and they will never know that they were sent two texts together.

If you happen to have one of the very few mobile devices that cannot stitch the two messages into one, then that device will show it as two messages.

Be aware: This does mean, though, that sending a Long-Form Text Message through GiveSmart Fundraise will count as two messages against your total number of messages you can send. If you need more text messages added to your account, please contact your Customer Success Manager.