Customizing the Automated Text Message Response

Due to strict TCPA regulations, organizations cannot change the initial text when a donor texts in to your donation keyword. However, there is an easy workaround.

Instead of asking donors to use your Text to Donate keyword, you can use the Text to Donate form but instruct people to text an SMS Subscription keyword instead, that will respond with a One-Time Response that can be fully customized.

  1. Go to the form you want to direct supporters to and copy the Shareable Link (Public Link) from the Display Links box on the lower left.
    Sharable Link
  2. Set up an SMS Subscription keyword on shortcode 51555 (Engagement > SMS Subscription)
  3. Set the Messaging Type to One-Time Response
    Messaging Type
  4. Customize your message by pasting the link to the form within the message. This will allow you to create a custom message like, "Please fill out our survey here: [LINK]" where [LINK] is the sharable link you copied from Step 1.

For full instructions for creating an SMS Subscription keyword, click here.

Caution with using this method:

Folks who pledge will not receive Fulfillment Reminder Texts. For pledges made using a Text to Donate keyword on 41444 or 91999, up to three reminder messages are automatically sent until the pledger completes their donation. Using the SMS Subscription method, they will receive none.