What is the Payment Section Visibility option?

In any Payment Information section, within a form such as Ticketing, there is a selection called Payment Section Visibility. This allows you to have a form that can be submitted with or without a monetary value.  For example, if you had a ticketing form that offered both Free and Paid tickets on the same form, this function will make that process easy.

Note: You can use this feature to essentially test a payment form from start to finish, without committing to a donation or payment. Turn Payment Section Visibility on while you test and demonstrate your donation form, and just make sure to turn it off when you are ready to start using your form (if you were using it only for testing).

By putting a check beside "Hide the payment information section unless the Total Amount is greater than $0.00." then the payment section asking for a credit card or PayPal will not appear if the amount is $0.00, so your supporter can still enter their information and order free tickets. The Payment Section will appear any time the total is more than $0.00, such as with the purchase of a paid ticket, adding a donation to the order form, etc. so your supporter can process their payment.