CRM: Add a New Gift

Watch this video to learn how to add/document a new gift in your GiveSmart Donor CRM account.

Steps to add a gift record

  1. From the Quick Actions container within the dashboard, click RECORD A GIFT

  2. Select a donor
    •  Add to existing donor 
      • Search for donor
      • Select transaction type
      • Enter gift details
      • Add optional details
      • Enter custom field info (if available)
      • Review details and click Submit
    • Add to new donor
      • Select ADD NEW DONOR

      • Enter donor details
        • If a new contact is an Organization, toggle to 'Organization' in the upper right corner
  3. Select transaction type
  4. Enter gift details
    • Choose if the gift will be a Tribute or needs a Soft Credit (Optional)
      • Make this gift a Tribute
        • select the box next to Make this Gift a Tribute
        • choose between Gift in Honor or Gift in Memory
        • enter the name of the tribute
      • Add a Soft Credit to this Gift
        • select the box next to Soft Credit
        • enter the name of an existing contact, and select from the dropdown or select Credit Additional People to add a new contact
        • click the dropdown arrow next to Amount to choose between a dollar amount or percent
        • enter the amount of soft credit this contact will receive
      • NOTE: A soft credit report can be viewed by selecting Gifts from the left navigation and choosing Soft Credits

  5. Add optional details
  6. Enter custom field info (if available)
  7. Review details and click Submit