How do I use my Credit Card Swiper on an Apple device?

Please make sure your mobile device is compatible with the swipers. If your device is not on this list, it will not work with the swiper and software. Click here to view the list.

For ordering and attaching your swiper to your device, please review this article.

Once you have your swiper, this document will take you through:

  • Setting up your device before your event
  • Using your device at your event

Setting up your device before your event

Download the GiveSmart Fundraise App

  1. You can download the GiveSmart Fundraise credit card swiper app onto a mobile phone or tablet by going to the Apple App Store.

    Example screens using an iPhone 6S Plus.

    App Store Badge
    Apple Store
  2. Log in to the app using your GiveSmart Fundraise username and password.
    Apple Login
  3. Select the keyword associated with the event and tap Next. Select the correct keyword so that donations will be under the correct campaign for reporting, and can be sent to the correct thermometer.
    Apple Step 1 Selected
  4. If you hadn't attached your swiper yet, it will ask you to do so now and click Next.  Make sure to click OK or Allow.

You are now ready to accept donations and, if needed, send those donations to your event thermometer.


If you need to change anything you can tap on the Settings icon in the top left corner.

Apple Settings Location

Apple Settings

You can make the default amount choices different than your Text to Donate form with the Set Suggested Amounts section.

You can also change the processing fee percentage under Charge Processing Fee.

Apple Change Suggested AmountsApple Charge Processing Fee

Using your device at your event

Collecting Donations with Your GiveSmart Fundraise App and Swiper

  1. Attach the swiper to your mobile device and open the GiveSmart Fundraise app.
  2. Enter the amount of the donor’s donation and tap Next.
    The fourth choice allows you to enter a donation amount manually.
    Apple Enter Amount
  3. Swipe donor’s credit or debit card.
    Note: If the card doesn't have the donor’s name on the card, such as with gift card, you can still swipe it or enter it manually.
    Apple Swiped
    On an iPhone or iPad, you have the additional option to scan the credit card by tapping Scan and allowing the device to access the camera:
    Apple Card Picture
  4. The donor can enter their additional information to receive a receipt and tap Next
    Apple Send Receipt
  5. The donor can tap to choose to pay the Processing Fee and whether to make their donation anonymous.
    Apple Additional Info
  6. Have the donor sign their name. Click Pay Now.
    Apple Signature
  7. It should process the transaction and say Payment Successful. Then you can tap I'm Done to be ready for the next donor.
    Apple Complete