How do I edit the organization short name?

Your organization short name appears on auto-reply text messages that your supporters see after making donations. It is also used as a Twitter hashtag if a donor taps the twitter button on the donation Thank You page.

Your short name is limited to 15 characters. It is best to use your full organization name. If your organization name is too long it is best to use a commonly recognized acronym. Having an inconsistent short name will confuse your supporters.

Short Name

To edit your organization Short Name:

In the Navigation bar, click on Settings (the gear icon) in the upper right.

Settings Icon

Select Organization on the left menu of the Settings page and type in your desired Short Name.

If your Organization Name, EIN, Info Email, Website URL or Sector is incorrect, please correct it now as well. If you do not know your EIN (Employer Information Number) you can look it up at Each of these fields are required for fundraising organizations.