Event Page Impact Section

This article will guide you through what you can do with this section of designing and working with the Event Page. If you are just starting in designing your event page, you will likely want to start here.

The Impact section of your event page is where you can give your supporters a direct way to donate. By each of the four donation buttons you can include a title and description of how this level of donation will help. You can also personalize the experience with different amounts than what you may have on your donation form using Query Strings.

Impact Start

Click on the Impact Section to modify it. 

Impact Section

Display Section

If you decide against using an Event Details section, you can hide the entire section with the Show/Hide switch.

You can also delete the section by clicking the Trashcan icon, if you don't ever plan to use it. If you delete it, you will be shown a confirmation box before it completes the deletion 

Delete Warning

Warning: Deleting the section is basically irrecoverable. If you don't want to use the section, it is highly recommended to use the Show/Hide switch over the Delete option, on the off chance you may want to use this section at a later time.

Card Alignment

Click the Left, Center, Right icons to alter the alignment of the text and buttons of the Cards in the Impact section.

Impact Alignment


You can edit the Title to be anything you wish and include different formatting. You can also choose other variables from the drop down list. By default, it says "YOUR IMPACT."

Card (1-4)

You can have up to four "cards" which can include an image, a title, an amount a message and the link. 

Show/Hide cards you want to use with the Show/Hide switch.

Click the Edit icon to modify each card.

Edit Card


If you include an image, it should make sense with the card to have an impact. The image will show small, so a smaller size image will be better. The recommended minimum size should be 625px by 400px.

Select an image from your system to upload.

Crop the image as needed and click Crop and Save or select Use Original.

Impact Crop Image

Note: The images will not crop on their own. Meaning if you have one wide image on one card and one tall image on another card, it may look strange on your page if you leave them at their original shape. In general we recommend some standard, such as all the same size or a pattern like a tall image then wide one then another tall, etc.


Label your card so supporters know where this will lead to if they click on the button. By default, the title will be in the Brand Color.


The amount is it's own section, and really is just a text box that will show large on the Event Page with a dollar sign ($) before it. It does not connect to the button, it is just a displayed amount.


Expand on the image and the title and describe this card's feature. If it is an amount to donate, describe what this amount can do toward the cause.

Action Button

The action button is used to drive your supporters to one of your pages. Frequently this is used for specific amounts of a donation that can be configured with Query String Parameters. You can also direct supports to levels of donations with different donation forms behind each button.

Note: To set up specific amounts with Query String Parameters, you must use the Use an external link instead option rather than the dropdown to select a GiveSmart Fundraise link, because you are adding the parameters to the link.

Query String Parameter Basics

For more complete information about Query String Parameters, review the dedicated article on what all they can do here. Since the action buttons here likely just need a donation amount added, the simple process is to just include the amount listed in the Amount section of this card.

  • Choose Use an external link instead for the link.
  • Copy the link from the donation form you wish to use
    • Example: https://app.mobilecause.com/form/RRRbiA
  • At the end of the link add: ?init[amount]=200
    • Where the number is the donation amount for this button.

So your final link would look like this: https://app.mobilecause.com/form/RRRbiA?init[amount]=200

Background Color

The Background color for the Keyword section is a dark grey for the Dark Theme and white with the Light Theme.

To change the Background Color, enter a color's hexadecimal code or click on the color square and pick the color of your choice using the wheel and square.

Background Color

With your Impact section complete, your supporters can now donate directly from your Event Page with descriptive choices to make a more informed gift decision.

Check the Event Page Design article for the next steps in creating your Event Page.

If you will have more than 1,000 live viewers during your virtual event, please contact your Account Manager a week in advance so we can advise on the setup and preparation for your event and schedule complementary technical monitoring during your event.