Manage or Move Pledges and Donations

If a donor submitted a pledge or a donation to an incorrect activity, you have the ability to move it to the correct one.

  1. From the left navigation, select Existing Reporting > Manage Pledges.
    • Reporting > Manage Pledges
  2. Filter as needed, by date or originating keyword to move the pledge from.
  3. Select which pledges you wish to move to another activity by putting a check in its row.
    Select Pledges
  4. Click on the downward facing arrow next to Action at the top of the table and select Move.
    Action > Move
    Your pledges to move will be shown on the page with details about amount, the donor, what keyword and campaign it is currently part of.
  5. Type in the Keyword you wish to move these pledges to. As you type, you will be shown a list of keywords to choose from.
    Move Pledge Choose Keyword
  6. After reviewing the page, click Move Pledges to perform the move. GiveSmart Fundraise will start processing the move and you can see the status as each one is moved to the new keyword.
    Move Pledges
  7. When it is complete, all the pledges will show a status of Moved to the new keyword and campaign.
    Move Pledges Complete