CRM: Glossary

A historical recording of completed or to-be-completed tasks associated with a specific contact

Examples: A phone call scheduled for User A to call Donor B next week, an email that went out to Donor C a month ago, a meeting in the past with Donor D 3 months ago to ask for a major donation)
A holistic approach to fundraising that can encompass many different efforts. Examples: Capital Campaign, Annual Appeal
Custom Field
A field that’s not included as a standard within the system. Can be placed on Contacts, Gifts, or Activities
FiltersThe ability to segment data within the system based on any field
General Ledger
The fund a donor can choose to designate their gift towards. Examples: Building Fund, Endowment Fund, Education Fund, Unrestricted
In-Kind Good or Services
A non-monetary gift
The promise of a gift, usually with a specific payment schedule
How the money is received. Examples: Personal Ask, Spring Mailing, Fall Gala, Giving Tuesday Form
A designated asker, usually a board member, who is assigned a group of donors to cultivate, solicit, and steward
A quick way to segment your donors. Should be used sparingly and for information that does not change frequently. Examples: Board Member, Past Board Member, Major Donor, Parent, Alumni, Volunteer