CRM: Tribute Gifts

Create in honor or in memory gifts within GiveSmart Donor CRM. 

Create a Tribute Gift in Donor CRM

  • From the left navigation select Gifts > Add a New Gift
  • Enter donor information and proceed to the 2nd section of the gift entry process
  • Check the box labeled Make this Gift a Tribute
    • Select either Gift in Honor or Gift in Memory
    • Enter a name in the Tribute To field (required)
      • NOTE: a new contact record will not be created for the entry listed in the Tribute To field
  • Complete gift entry as usual

New Fields on Gift Listing Page

Additional columns have been added to the Gift Listing Page (Gifts > Gift Listing).  

  • Tribute Type
    • Gift in Honor
    • Gift in Memory
  • Tribute Name
    • Shows Text input

Tribute Gifts Through Automated Data Flow

If you own both GiveSmart Fundraise and GiveSmart CRM, tribute gifts made on the GiveSmart Fundraise module will map to the tribute fields in GiveSmart Donor CRM.