Remittance Account Settings

Please note that this form of remittance is no longer available for newer GiveSmart Fundraise accounts. This document is being maintained for legacy accounts.

 New GiveSmart Fundraise accounts must have some form of merchant services in place to take donations through GiveSmart Fundraise forms.

If you don't have a merchant account, donations received through your GiveSmart Fundraise subscription are forwarded on to you by check.

All remittance checks are mailed to your remittance address. Your remittance address can be updated in your account by clicking "Settings" (the Gear icon) in the top right corner. Once you're in the Settings area, click the "Remittance" menu option.

Settings Icon


Donation periods are monthly. Checks are processed and mailed within 30 days of the period end and reflect all funds collected on your behalf during the donation period.

Want to receive funds faster? Open a merchant account to get your donations within a few days and offer a better donor experience. Click here for more information.

Remittance Statement Example

For Credit and Debit Collected Donations:

If you don't have a merchant account, remittance checks will come from GiveSmart Fundraise. This includes donations received through debit and credit card donations, such as donations through the Website Donation form. Checks are sent once a month.

To reconcile remittance statement with the totals in your account:

Click Reporting > Search Transactions

Reporting > Search Transactions

On the Filter page, under Transaction Type, select Credit Card and Collected.

Search Transactions - Transaction Type

Filter the report further by Date, Campaign, Keyword, etc. and click Search at the bottom of the page.

Review the quick view of the information on the next page and if it looks correct, click Export in the upper right or if not click Edit Search to go back and change your filters.

Search Criteria - Search Results

When you click Export you will be presented with the option to choose any or all column fields across all your forms. Select the columns you want to export, organize them and click Download.


A CSV spreadsheet containing requested donor information will immediately export in your browser.

Open the Excel CSV file >Sort and organize relevant columns > Reconcile remittance for fundraising and crowdfunding donations.