Keyword Setup (Activity Creation)

Virtually every activity or form created within GiveSmart Fundraise starts with the Keyword page.  When you create an activity it assigns a keyword to the form, giving you the extra option of texting to connect with your constituents.

If you plan to use keywords with your campaign, you'll want to make it a good keyword as outlined here.

Keyword Top

The top of the Keyword page allows you to add:

  1. Form Name - The name of the form is for your reference only, but is useful as you add additional forms and activities to your campaign. The name of the form will default to the type of form you are creating, like "Text to Donate" or "Volunteer Sign Up" but you can change it to anything you like.
    Note: the Option to edit the form name when creating a Keyword is only available when you create your activity from the Navigation Menus. Clicking any of the Add Activity buttons will create a form name of Online Form. You can change this later in the Create New Form section.
  2. Keyword - This is the word that your donors will text to access the form you create for this activity. Use Good Keyword practices when creating a keyword. You can also reuse a keyword as described here.
  3. Campaign - If you create your form from within a Campaign, this will be filled in automatically. If you create your activity from the top navigation menu, you will need to assign this form to a campaign.  You can also create a new campaign directly from the activity creation process, but it is generally recommended to create a new campaign from the New Campaign tile on the dashboard.
  4. Short Code - Type of activity you are creating will give you different options for the short code you can use. For more information on the short codes, click here.
  5. Fundraising Goal - On Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising activities only, you also are required to put in a Fundraising Goal on the Keyword page.

The bottom of the Keyword page deals with information after your donor has completed the form:

  1. Link for 'next' button after donation is made - This is where you would include a link for a donor or supporter to be redirected to once they have completed the form.
    • Great links to include here might be a quick thank you video or simply link back to your website to learn more. If you do not provide a link, the 'next' button will simply not appear on the Thank You page.
  2. Custom Message for Thank You page - Write a Custom Message for the Thank You page that will be displayed after someone completes the form.
    • You have maximum of 500 characters for your message.
  3. Enable Email Notification on Donation - This is where you will choose to enable or disable the ability for your GiveSmart Fundraise users to receive email notifications when a donor completes a donation. Then select the users you wish to receive the emails in the Select one or more notification recipients table.
  4. If everything looks good, click Save.

Keyword is LIVE

When you click Save, the keyword is being associated with your account, with the short code (making it live instantly) and a basic activity form is generated. With Text to Donate, a basic Event Thermometer is generated and with Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, the Fundraising Page, Online Form and Sign Up Form are all generated, ready to customize.

If the keyword is already in use, you will get a red box so you can either try it on the other short code (if that is an option) or choose a different keyword.