Setting Up and Using Your Merchant Account / Direct Deposit / Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

You just signed up for GiveSmart Fundraise. You're ready and excited to start promoting your GiveSmart Fundraise donation page. The last step in getting a fully functional GiveSmart Fundraise account is to sign up for a merchant account so you will be able to accept those donations.

If you have already completed setting up your account and just want assistance using the Merchant Center, click here.

While there may be several bits of information to fill out, the process is very straightforward and detailed in this document. And if you need help you can send an email to

Step 1: Fill out the FOUR STEP merchant account application form.

  • RECOMMENDED: Go to the detailed description of this step:

Application Instructions

Step 2: Complete the digital signature form that will be emailed to you.

This will be sent to the email address listed as the contact on the application form. The digital signature request may be sent up to 24 hours after the original application has been submitted. This email will come from CardConnect. The email must be for the contact listed in the application.

  • RECOMMENDED: Go to the detailed description of this step:

The review process will take 5-7 business days from the time of submission (Step 2). As soon as the application is approved, the merchant account will be activated and linked with your GiveSmart Fundraise account.

Step 3: Start using your Merchant Center account 

You will receive an automated email with your merchant ID and a link to login to the merchant center portal when your account is activated.

The ID you create when you complete your digital signature is the ID you will use to log into the Merchant Center.

You are ready to accept credit/debit card transactions with your GiveSmart Fundraise account.

Next Steps