CRM: Data Import & Review

Review manually imported data, automated data flowing to GiveSmart Donor CRM from Events & Fundraise and manage your duplicate contacts from the Data Import & Review tab found in the left navigation.  

Important: All accounts will default to the recommended manual data review and the email will be sent to all Admin.  To modify the setting or to adjust the recipient, visit Client Settings to learn how.  

Review Data

To review your imported data, from the left navigation select Data Import & Review.  Choose Import Review.  Here you can review all Contact & Transaction imported data that is awaiting review. 

To review the data, apply a data range, insert a filter or sort by column.  All fields contacts and transactions will default to 'Import'.  Select the Don't Import checkbox or select the 'All on Page' button at the top of the column to quickly select all visible fields on this page.  

Once your review is complete, click Confirm Import.

NOTE: Selecting the 'All On Page' button at the top of the Don't Import or Import columns will ONLY select all available line items on this page.  Each page displays 50 line items.  To select more, navigate to the next page and repeat for any contacts or transactions you wish to mark as Import or Don't Import.

Important to Note: By selecting 'Don't Import', these contacts and transactions will be removed from the data review file and will NOT be available for reviewing and modifying at a later date.  

What does it mean when the fields on the contacts report are yellow during the import review? 

Yellow fields will only appear on the Contacts import review when the contact being uploaded is recognized as an existing contact in Donor CRM.  This is letting you know that these contact profiles currently exist in Donor CRM, and might not need to be uploaded.  If you upload an existing contact with no changes to any fields, it will not create a duplicate profile, and no changes will be made to the existing contact profile.  If you upload an existing contact with changes in the contact information fields, the new information will be appended to the existing profile.  

Important to Note: When a contact has been identified on the import as being an existing contact, additional fields will appear for Existing Contact First Name & Last Name.  If you choose to import the contact information for this existing contact, the name being imported will override the existing name, it will not be appended. 

Import Data

Manually import data to GiveSmart Donor CRM by choosing Data Import & Review from the left navigation. 

Begin a new import by selecting a template to download.  Choose between Contacts Template or Transactions Template, and select Download. 

NOTE: There are guided instructions at the top of the template that will assist you in filling out your template for proper upload.  Do NOT delete Rows 1-3 of the template as they are necessary for ensuring your data is uploaded properly.  

Once your template has been successfully populated with the data you wish to upload, save the file as a CSV.  Once saved, return to the Data Import & Review page and select which template you are uploading in the Import Your Data section.  

Once the file is uploaded you will receive a popup notification with additional guidance and confirmation.  If you have opted to review all data upon upload, you can do so by clicking the Review Import link in the popup and follow the steps in the Review Data section listed above. 

Important to Note: Errors identified on the manual import will both be shown in a popup in platform and the admin attempting to upload the data will receive an email notification. 

Merge Duplicates

Easily identify and merge duplicate records in Donor CRM with our merge options.  Find out how to merge duplicates here