How do I get notified of a failed recurring donation?

You can choose to receive a notification when a recurring donation fails to process. This allows you to reach out to the donor directly (aside from the automatic attempts our system makes) to ensure you collect a new payment method for their recurring donation.

  • Click on your name in the upper right.
  • Select Profile.
    Profile Menu
  • Put a checkmark in Enable Email Notification for Failed Recurring Donation
  • Enter your password. Any time you make changes to your profile you will need to provide your current password.
  • Click Update to receive these emails.


If you have a failed recurring donation, you will receive a notification email like this:


One of your recurring donations has been canceled due to failing to bill for 5 days in a row. Here are the details:

Name: John Doe
Amount: $10.00
Phone: 15555555555


You may unsubscribe from these email at any time by simply unchecking the box, entering your password and clicking Update.