Import Donors from FR50

If you have donors in your FR50 account and wish to bring their details into GiveSmart Fundraise so you can text them or do other things, you can import their data from FR50 to GiveSmart Fundraise.

Fundraising 50 helps nonprofit organizations increase campaign effectiveness, easily measure campaign progress and deliver on your mission, all within a single system. Incorporate prospecting, donor cultivation and campaign-based fundraising with volunteer programs and other outreach efforts. For more information on FR50, click here.

Export from FR50

To start, you will need to have a CSV file export of your donors from FR50, use the instructions that are found on the FR50 software, to complete the import.

Preparing the Report for Import

Once the donor list is exported from FR50, make a few adjustments to ensure that the donor list uploads successfully.

Renaming a few of these columns it will make the process very simple to import this list of donors directly to your account.

While renaming the columns is not required, having the GiveSmart Fundraise titles in place will make the import process easier to work with. 

You don't have to put the columns in a specific order unless you want to make the spreadsheet easier to read before importing.

If you plan to frequently import lists of donors to your GiveSmart Fundraise account from FR50, you may want to leave it the order in the FR50 report exports.. That way, you can have a file ready with the GiveSmart Fundraise headers ready to just copy/paste over the FR50 column headers and be ready to import.

  1. Open exported FR50 donor report in your spreadsheet of choice.
  2. The GiveSmart Fundraise columns should equate to these FR50 Columns. Rename the FR50 Column Headers to the GiveSmart Fundraise terms (Headers are not case sensitive):


    GiveSmart Fundraise

    constituent first nameFirst Name
    constituent middle nameMiddle Name
    constituent last name
    Last Name
    phone1Phone Number
    address1Street Address
    zip codeZip
  3. Save your list in a CSV format
The above GiveSmart Fundraise columns are the standards. If you have additional information that you wish to bring to GiveSmart Fundraise, then you can add those columns with the Add Custom Field choice, described below in the Import section. 

You can also create a form with the Custom fields and they will be found in the drop-down list during the Import process automatically. For more on Adding Form Elements to your forms, click here.

Importing the Modified FR50 Report

Go into your GiveSmart Fundraise Account.

On the left navigation menu, click Lists.

Message Center > Lists

Click New List from the upper right.

Lists - New List

  1. Name your List – this is the list name you will select when you are ready to send mobile messages.
  2. Click Browse to upload your prepared comma-separated value (CSV) spreadsheet. 
  3. Once you have your spreadsheet selected. click Open
  4. Click Next.

Upload List

Match the columns in your CSV file to the correct fields. 

Match Columns

Because you have prepared your CSV, this step should already show the included fields already mapped, such as Phone Number, First Name, Last Name, etc.

If you have no additional fields you wanted to import, you should be able to click Confirm.

Scroll to the right to see if there are additional columns that GiveSmart Fundraise did not recognize.

If they don't matter, you can ignore them and they will not import.

If there is a column you put in a header incorrectly, you can use the drop-down by that column to change it to the appropriate header.

Column Select Drop-Down

For example, the system specifically looks for a column that says Phone Number. If there is anything else in that column header, it will set it to Ignore, because it doesn't recognize something like Business Phone Number.

If there is a column you wish to add and it is not in the list, at the very bottom of the drop-down, there is a choice to Add Custom Field. If you click on that, it will allow you to name the field and choose the type, whether it is a number or text.

Enter the Custom Field Name and click Save

Add Custom Field

This field will now be available next time you upload a list.

Click Confirm to process your donor list.

You may see a message "Your list is almost done."

Almost Done Alert

Refresh your browser or just wait for the email from to arrive advising that "Your GiveSmart Fundraise List upload has completed!" and follow the link.

This process will verify if the phone numbers in your list are actually mobile numbers so you can start texting this list of donors.

All the entries will be entered into the system regardless if they are mobile numbers or not, so you can see every entry.

Mobile List

Now your list is active and you are capable of sending TCPA-compliant Mobile Marketing text messages to keep supporters informed and engaged.

Adding more supporters to this List

If you wish to add additional supporters to the list or check additional numbers for existing supporters, in the top right of the List page, click on Add Contacts.

You can do this later as well by going to Lists then clicking on the List Name then the Add Contacts button.

Communicating with your new Subscribers

If you want to send your new subscribers a text immediately, select Text from the left navigation.

Message Center > Text

For instructions on how to send a message, click here.

If they are a new subscriber, whenever you do send your first message to them, at that same time, they will also receive a second subscription message that will look something like this:

[Your Organization's Shortname] would like to keep in touch with you! Organization alerts 4/mo
Msg&data rates may apply.
Text HELP for help
Txt STOP to unsubscribe